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June 13, 2024

They say Hobart's status as a science and research hub is at risk if the dispute is not resolved
The North-West Coast man says he hopes he's doing his family proud
'The best way to avoid a fine is to complete the ballot papers and return them ASAP'
Minister: The upgrades will support the "everyday heroes" who save lives in Tasmania
The man allegedly provided a false name to police and was arrested on the spot
The change has been hailed as "a momentous step forward in providing equity for women"
The man is accused of sharing the material across Snapchat, Discord, Dropbox and Telegram
Deer milk ice cream with 'antler blood sauce' is set to be one of the festival's highlight dishes
Multiple cars were involved in the incident in the early hours of the morning
It comes after complaints from the local community about fast traffic racing through the area