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New $100,000+ Brighton Hub sign installed alongside Midland Highway after earlier cost blowout

Pulse Tasmania
The new Brighton Hub sign. Image / Pulse

An expensive new sign has been installed on the side of the Midland Highway near Brighton, as part of the council’s efforts to promote the local industrial hub.

While the Brighton Council had initially budgeted $160,000 to install two roadside signs at the Brighton Hub, cost blowouts meant only one sign could be erected.


In July 2023, Pulse reported a $50,000 budget blowout due to delays in planning approvals and rising material costs, bringing the total cost for the two signs to $210,000.

“Essentially we don’t have enough money to purchase two signs,” a council staffer said at the time.

The new Brighton Hub sign. Image / Pulse

As a result of the budget constraint, councillors decided to proceed with building just one sign at the southern entrance to the Brighton Hub.

They also voted to redirect any remaining funds from the original $160,000 allocation towards landscaping and possibly refacing other existing signage in the Hub area.

The council hopes the ‘strategic placement’ of the sign will ‘enhance the Hub’s appearance and identity’ and remain open to installing a second sign in the future should finances allow.

It is estimated the new sign cost upwards of $105,000.


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