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Pulse Tasmania

As Tasmania’s largest independent, locally-owned digital publisher, Pulse Tasmania is the leader in local news.

Social Media Guidelines

Pulse Tasmania appreciates our dedicated social media community and encourages fans to actively engage and discuss Pulse content.

We would like to maintain a friendly online environment where viewers can share their opinions.

Comments will continue to be visible on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms utilised by Pulse Tasmania as long as they remain on-topic.

However, Pulse staff reserve the right to moderate and remove comments that are considered offensive or violate our guidelines.

We encourage readers to reach out to Pulse Tasmania’s social media moderators initially through direct messages or by emailing [email protected] to request the removal of comments that may not align with our standards.

Our moderators handle multiple stories across various platforms simultaneously, but aim to remove comments of the below nature as quickly as possible.

The comment sections on Pulse are public spaces and what you say can be seen by others. Please be mindful not to disclose personal details about yourself or others.

By contributing to any Pulse Tasmania content, you grant Pulse Media Group Pty Ltd permission to use your content in any manner without any obligation or compensation to you.

A few things we won’t tolerate:

  • Comments that are inflammatory, offensive, racist, vulgar or hateful
  • Comments that contain commercial promotion or links to external websites and other social media pages
  • Comments that are defamatory or libellous towards an individual or organisation
  • Comments that are off-topic
  • Comments that use derogatory or misogynistic nicknames
  • Comments that contain swear words, profanities or threatening language
  • Comments that contain advertising
  • Comments that spread misinformation
  • Comments that contain personal attacks on our team members

Comments which may be considered subjective and are not targeted at a specific person are assessed on a case-by-case basis when a complaint is made.