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Midlands & Central Highlands

'The EPA has given approval to industrialisation of the Central Highlands'
The St Pauls River at Lewis Hill is currently rising slowly, the BOM say
"Enough is enough, just stop with the minus 13s. We get the point, you win"
'It was completely frozen solid with icicles dangling from its edges'
'We are stuck without water and will be unable to open until the pipes thaw out'
The temp is just 0.7°C from the state record and comes after recent -12.9°C and -10.8°C days
It beat the previous record set in 2013, when a temp of -12.2°C was recorded
'Tassie Apple Spice' braved the sub-zero conditions on Tuesday morning
The Central Highlands has shivered through below freezing temperatures today
Locals say it all "happened very quickly", with streets covered by the white hail