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80+ Hobart students run for 12 hours to raise funds for cancer

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Year 12 Hutchins students crossing the finish line on Friday morning. Image / Supplied

Around 80 Hobart students have spent 12 hours running a collective 3,500 laps in support of SHE, a group raising funds and awareness for Gynaecological Cancer research.

The Year 12 Hutchins students ran from 8pm to 8am alongside peer Luke Harris, who lost his mum and cancer advocate Jo Harris to the disease earlier this year.


The SHE foundation is working towards building a cancer wellbeing centre in the Hobart to support all Tasmanians with cancer.

“It’s fantastic that that young men are out running in support of the women in their lives and creating such tremendous awareness around those insidious diseases that impact on so many women, not only here in Tasmania, but but across across the country,” said SHE foundation chair Scott Harris.

Hutchins Principal Rob McEwan and students Josh Curtis & Luke Harris with S.H.E. Chair Scott Harris. Image / Pulse

Year 12 student Josh Curtis said there was strong participation from the whole year level, with 80 of the 100 Grade 12 students taking part.

“We had eight boys actually do a marathon, which was an extraordinary effort,” he said.

Students Luke Harris and Josh Curtis with S.H.E. Chair Scott Harris. Image / Pulse

“Certainly some tired boys this morning, everybody’s getting their sleep now,” Curtis said.

For more information on S.H.E. and to find out how you can help visit –


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