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Patrick Street, Bothwell slows down to 50km/h for pedestrian safety after request from Central Highlands Council

Pulse Tasmania
Patrick Street, Bothwell. Image / Pulse

The speed limit on a 800-metre section of Bothwell’s main street has been reduced by 10km/h to bring it in line with other shopping zones and town centres across the state.

Patrick Street is now 50km/h and no longer 60km/h between Michael and George Streets.


“The lower speed limit will improve safety for pedestrians visiting shops and services in the town centre while adding an estimated seven seconds to the current travel time,” the Commissioner for Transport says.

“The remainder of Patrick Street east and west of the new 50km/h speed limit zone has relatively low development with buildings set well back from the road and will remain at 60km/h.”

The speed limit review was initiated following a request from the Central Highlands Council.

New speed limit signs have been installed to reflect the change.

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