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Drunk learner driver banned for six months after Burnie hooning incident

Pulse Tasmania
Car displaying 'L' plate. Image / Katharina13

A young learner driver has been banned from the road for six months after being caught hooning through the streets of Burnie while intoxicated.

The 21-year-old from Ulverstone was pulled over on Wilson Street at around 2am on Thursday morning.


He was allegedly found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.019, well above the zero limit for learner drivers, police said.

Because of his antics, police have suspended his licence for six months and impounded his vehicle for 28 days.

He is also facing charges for hooning-related offences, drink driving and driving without being accompanied by a supervisor.

Image / File

The incident is the latest in a string of hooning offences on Tasmanian roads in recent months, with police already seizing over 260 vehicles this year.

Police Minister Felix Ellis said the government is ‘fed-up’ by the behaviour of hoons and has begun drafting new legislation to get them off the road.

“These TikTok turkeys have absolutely no place on our roads,” he said.


“We want to put hoons vehicles on the fast track to the crusher and that’s going to be important in terms of sending a strong message to these people that what they are doing is putting lives at risk.”

The legislation will make it easier for authorities to clamp, confiscate and crush vehicles, with tougher penalties for dangerous driving, reckless driving and motor vehicle theft.

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