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First-ever Bonza flight bound for Tasmania touches down at Launceston Airport

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Bonza aircraft 'Bazza' at Launceston Airport last month. Image / Rob Burnett

The first-ever Bonza flight loaded with passengers has touched down in Tasmania today, kicking off a ‘new era’ for tourism in the state.

Flying between Launceston and the Gold Coast three times a week, the introduction of the new low-cost airline is hoped to fuel a decrease in fares across the other major players.


Taking off from the Gold Coast 20 minutes behind schedule at 11:15am (Gold Coast time) on Tuesday, ‘Bazza’ the Boeing 737-8 MAX touched down at Launceston Airport 2 hours and 14 minutes later at 2:29pm (Launceston time) – even becoming one of the worlds most tracked flights on for a short time.

Bonza CEO Tim Jordan said those onboard the inaugural flight included a mix of families, holidaymakers and first-time flyers.

Chef Matt Adams, Bonza cabin crew Kat Clement and Bonza CEO Tim Jordan.

“As Bonza’s gateway to Tasmania, we know there’s strong demand for locals on the Gold Coast … to fly direct to Launceston … the route is proving one of our most popular from the Gold Coast so far,” he said.

“Forward bookings over summer and through to early May are looking strong. Within days, we will be releasing more flights for sale so travellers can book flights on the Gold Coast to Launceston route up until September 2024.”

Bonza. Image / Supplied

Bonza is the most recent shake up to hit the Tasmanian aviation market, following REX’s recent launch of a Melbourne to Hobart flight and the impending ‘indefinite suspension’ of Air New Zealand’s service between Hobart and Auckland from April next year.

Flights starting at $79 are available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and can be booked through the Fly Bonza app.


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