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Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas throws hat in the ring for Elwick legislative council seat

Pulse Tasmania
Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas. Image / Composite

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas plans to run as an independent for the Legislative Council seat of Elwick after three years in office.

Thomas hopes to leverage her local government experience to successfully contest the election for the Upper House seat following the resignation of Labor’s Josh Willie.


“I am not party aligned and never have been. If elected, I will use my seat to ensure the people of Elwick’s best interests are served at every point, and no party should take my vote for granted,” she said.

“With my experience in local government and as Mayor of Glenorchy, I understand the value of working collaboratively and proactively to deliver outcomes and resolve issues. I will work with government and any member of parliament to ensure results for the people of Elwick.”

She said she doesn’t “shirk the tough issues”, saying her focus is always being “prepared to listen, evaluate and make decisions based on what people need”.

Glenorchy Mayor Bec Thomas (Centre). Image / Supplied

“I will be a strong voice for this community, not only in speaking on its behalf, but in arguing for and helping to develop solutions.”

Healthcare stands at the forefront of her agenda, including the establishment of a permanent BreastScreen Tasmania service in Glenorchy, along with enhanced transport solutions for Greater Hobart and initiatives to combat crime.

“Our business community needs to feel supported and be able to open their doors without counting the cost of vandalism and anti-social behaviour,” she said.


“I want people to have opportunities to live, work and play in Elwick and be supported by a community that continues to grow and evolve, allowing them to reach their full potential and live even better lives.”

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