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Greens promise to prioritise healthcare and housing over AFL stadium

Pulse Tasmania
Image / ABC TV

The Tasmanian Greens will stand up to the AFL and cancel the Macquarie Point Stadium project, leader Rosalie Woodruff has told supporters.

Fronting a crowd at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart on Saturday night, Woodruff said change in the next government was possible.


“I am a proud foundation member of the Tasmanian Devils like I’m sure so many other people in this room are,” she said.

“And I’m committed to defending our team and our colours and the Greens will hold firm in standing up to the whimsy is of the AFL.”

To a cheering crowd, Woodruff said having a love of football doesn’t have to equal support for a stadium, suggesting AFL games can be played possibly exclusively in Launceston.

“This generation of Tasmanians needs a parliament of leaders working to tackle the health, housing and unfolding climate crisis,” she said.

“They don’t need a billion-dollar stadium. When we have a perfectly good one at your Park. That is where the heart of AFL and AFL football should remain permanently.”

“Whatever the final outcome of the next few weeks, the Greens will return to Parliament, further empowered to fight for Tasmanians who needed hospital bed and a secure home.”


“We will continue to defend our democracy against self-interest and the corrupting influence of big corporates and ideology.”

“We will always be a voice for nature, unlike Labor and Liberal parties who deny the climate emergency, the Greens with the majority of Tasmanians who want to protect our carbon rich forests and extraordinary wildlife and end native forest logging for good.”

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