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Greens team up with RSL Tasmania in latest attempt to block Macquarie Point Stadium

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Vica Bayley. Image / Pulse

The Greens have joined forces with RSL Tasmania in the latest attempt to protect Hobart’s cenotaph from the proposed Macquarie Point Stadium development.

Greens Veterans Affairs Spokesperson Vica Bayley said the party plans to draft legislation which would “enshrine in law” the “sacred values of the cenotaph and ensure they are protected in perpetuity”.


Bayley says the cenotaph location was chosen in the early 1920s “because of its prominent location in Hobart Town”.

“Important sight lines have been identified since that time that need to be protected,” he said.

“These are sight lines from the Cenotaph towards the River Derwent, towards the city, towards Battery Point and Sandy Bay.”

Preliminary Macquarie Point designs. Image / Supplied

The current Project of State Significance (POSS) process overrules existing planning provisions, including a maximum height of 15 metres.

The proposed Tasmanian Cenotaph Act would follow similar legislation in Victoria and the ACT that protects the “important values” of Cenotaph and would override the POSS process.

RSL Tasmania CEO John Hardy says the organisation “fully supports” an AFL team for the state and “fully supports” a Hobart Stadium.


“All we are asking is that we consider where we put this stadium. It currently cannot go where it currently wants to be put,” he said.

“We are opposed unanimously in that stadium being placed there. If it is placed there, at Mac Point, it will completely destroy critical sight lines.”

RSL Tasmania CEO John Hardy. Image / ABC (Luke Bowden)

He said the state government should be having a “serious conversation” about Mac 2.0, saying it “solves their problem”.

“I think it would be a crying shame to build Mac Point 1.”

Veteran’s Affairs Minister Guy Barnett says the state government will “ensure that there’s consultation with the RSL and our veteran community” in works to build the stadium.

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