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Healthcare and cost of living top concerns for Tasmanian voters, according to new poll

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Parliament House, Hobart. Image / Pulse

The latest Tasmanian opinion polling shows increased support for the Liberal government and a decline in support for Labor, with voters favouring independent candidates instead.

The week-long EMRS state voting intentions report, which started last Monday, indicates that the government’s support has risen by one percentage point to 39%, while Labor’s has dropped from 32% to 29%.


The number of voters favouring the Greens, following the departure of former leader Cassy O’Connor, has also decreased from 14% to 12%.

EMRS Managing Director Paul Jamrozik said the “switch in support” from Labor was a win for independents, with the poll reflecting their “strongest position yet”, up 3 points to 19% or nearly one in five voters.

Election Day voters. Image / Stock

“The biggest issues highlighted by voters in the November poll are healthcare and the cost of living, rather than the AFL stadium. These are the hot topics candidates should focus on to show they are in touch with what keeps Tasmanians up at night,” Jamrozik said.

Premier Jeremy Rockliff remains the preferred Premier with 42% support of those surveyed, while Labor leader Rebecca White has dropped to 35% and the number of those unsure jumped to 23%.

Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff with Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson. Image / Pulse
Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White. Image / Pulse

“The surge in voter support for an independent or other minor party, at the expense of Labor, is reflected in the decline in personal support for Labor Party leader, Rebecca White.”

“While this may seem like good news for the Liberal Party, let’s not forget that their gains have been marginal over time since a large decrease in support in May.”


The poll also indicated that 23% of voters were undecided, marking the highest figure since March 2017.

The survey was conducted from November 20th to 27th and carries a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

Q. If the Tasmanian State Election for the House of Assembly was held today, who would you vote for? If unsure, respondents were then asked: Q2. Even if it’s a slight leaning, would it be the Liberal Party, the Labor Party, the Greens, an Independent, or some other minor party?
Q. Who would you prefer to be the Premier of Tasmania? Respondents were read two options: Rebecca White and Jeremy Rockliff

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