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Hobart woman Lisa Perryman allegedly encouraged late husband to attack neighbour with chainsaw, court hears

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Lisa Perryman. Image / Facebook

A jury has found Hobart woman Lisa Perryman, 56, guilty of criminal charges over a chainsaw attack on her neighbour in southern Tasmania in November 2020.

Her husband Neville Perryman, who died in 2022, also faced charges but passed away before the trial.


The Supreme Court of Tasmania heard the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute with the victim, Horace Reginald Peter Monshing, over the Perrymans’ dog.

Mrs Perryman drove her husband to their neighbour’s property on the night of the 2020 attack after consuming a bottle of white wine.

As reported by AAP, Mr Perryman then approached the house with a running chainsaw, while his wife followed behind in the car with the headlights on.

Neville and Lisa Perryman on their wedding day. Image / Facebook

During the altercation, Mr Perryman swung the chainsaw at their neighbour, injuring his arm and hand and exposing bone and ligaments.

The court was told Mrs Perryman had made threats during the incident, including “I want him dead”, “I want the dog to rip his throat out” and “I want you dead, your wife dead, your daughter dead and granddaughter dead”.

Prosecutors argued that Mrs Perryman was criminally responsible due to her actions and words, claiming she encouraged her husband to commit the crime.


The neighbour, who defended himself with a mallet and sustained dog bites during the attack, was forced to relocate from his home due to the trauma.

He also suffers from ongoing physical and psychological issues and had to stop volunteering with the Tasmania Fire Service.

Mrs Perryman’s lawyer argued her husband acted alone and that there was no evidence of any conversations between the two before the attack.

She was released on bail and will undergo mental health assessments before sentencing in July.

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