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Hobartians ‘the largest’ users of Cannabis in Australia

Pulse Tasmania

Hobart has been found to have the highest cannabis consumption of any capital city in the country, according to the latest National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program report.

The report, released by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), analyzed wastewater samples from over 50 locations across the country to estimate the level of drug consumption in each area.


The report found that Hobart had the highest rate of cannabis use among all capital cities in Australia However, but still had the lowest use of methylamphetamine (commonly known as ice) among all capital cities.

Heroin use also fell by a significant 41%, and the number of people taking MDMA (ecstasy) dropped by 60%.

The report also revealed that Hobart had the largest amount of alcohol consumed, with regional Tasmanians ranking as the second-biggest consumers of alcohol in the country.

Sydney has the highest rate of cocaine use in the country, while Melbourne is the ecstasy capital. Adelaide has the highest use of methylamphetamine, and regional Queensland has the highest rate of ketamine use. Darwin has the highest use of nicotine in the country.

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