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Jeremy Rockliff claims ‘win for Liberals’ in Tasmanian state election

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Liberal Leader Jeremy Rockliff has claimed a “fourth consecutive win” for his party in the 2024 state election.

Speaking at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart on Saturday night, Rockliff said Labor does not have enough seats to form a cabinet, let alone a government.


“I have represented Braddon for 22 years and been proud to do so. I wouldn’t be here without the Braddon electorate and I look forward to representing them for at least another four years as well,” he said.

“There [is] still clearly much counting to do and to go as we move forward over the course of the next week or more. But two things are very clear tonight. First, an historic fourth consecutive win for the Liberal Party of Tasmania.”

“This has never happened before in the great state of Tasmania.”

“And let’s be clear, the Liberal team has clearly gained the vote … the most votes this election and the most seats by a large margin so well done and thank you.”

“And secondly, Tasmanians have delivered a very clear message and I want to assure each and every Tasmanian that we’ve heard it and I thank you for it.”

He said Tasmanians have not voted for a change of government.


“Make no mistake, this has been a very poor result for the Labor Party of Tasmania. What looks like their lowest primary vote ever. Labor has not got enough seats to form a cabinet let alone a government,” Rockliff said.

“We will now work with the Parliament that Tasmanians voted for today and I will seek a new government, to form a new government to give Tasmanians the certainty and the stability that they deserve and to deliver our 2030 strong plan for Tasmania’s future.”

“It is incumbent upon the new Parliament to work together, to put aside our differences, to ensure that we work day in and day out for Tasmanians right across this beautiful state.”

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