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Begents sold to retail giant BSR Group, longstanding Scottsdale store to permanently close

Pulse Tasmania
Begents Launceston. Image / Supplied

A mainland retail giant has snapped up the “Proudly Tasmanian” electrical and furniture chain Begents.

BSR Group, the owners of the Betta brand, will take over the operation of the three existing Begents stores in Ulverstone, Devonport and Launceston starting from July 1.


In a statement, Begents announced that due to the change in ownership, the longstanding Scottsdale store will permanently close.

The company established its presence in Scottsdale in 1991 after opening in Launceston 11 years prior.

They most recently closed their Burnie store in December 2023, a decision that left locals shocked at the time.

The longstanding Begents Scottsdale store is set to permanently close. Image / Pulse

“We’re bidding farewell to our Scottsdale store, marking the end of an era but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Begents,” a company spokesperson said.

“This transition is more than just a change in ownership. It’s a testament to BSR Group’s commitment to growing and investing in Tasmania’s North and North West, ensuring that the spirit of Begents not only endures but thrives across the region.”

Customers across the north-east will instead be left with delivery or Click and Collect options, with the company assuring them that their “dedication … remains unwavering”.


“While we embrace this new journey with the BSR Group, the essence of Begents remains intact. The familiar faces of our dedicated management and wider team you’ve grown to trust will continue to serve you, ensuring a seamless and smooth experience during this transition.”

“We’re here because of you and we’re dedicated to providing the quality and care you deserve, now and always. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of our Begents family.”

Taking to social media, Scottsdale locals have thanked the local staff at the store for their help over the years.

Begents Launceston. Image / Supplied

“Everything gets bigger and further away whenever things get taken over. We provide the least return so we are the most expendable. Ulverstone will be next,” one person said.

“Begents has supported the NE in a great many ways over the years, largely uncredited too by the way, and the NE has responded with the type of mutual support we are known for,” wrote another.

“Begents was a great company to work for and it’s sad it won’t be here any longer, but things don’t go on forever.”

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