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New Lambie network MPs reject claims they have given up their voting rights

Pulse Tasmania
Lambie MPs Miriam Beswick, Andrew Jenner and Rebekah Pentland. Image / Supplied

The state’s newest MPs from the Lambie Network have firmly denied accusations that they have given up their voting rights against the government, saying critics are “sniping from the sidelines”.

In a statement, Lambie MPs Miriam Beswick, Andrew Jenner and Rebekah Pentland clarified that their intention is to provide confidence and stability to the government, rather than blindly supporting it.


“Let us be clear, the JLN has not agreed to support the Government on every piece of legislation,” they said.

“JLN MPs are committed to looking at every Bill that comes to Parliament, from every MP, on its own merit.”

The MPs signed an agreement to support the Rockliff Liberal government, including providing notice before voting against the government during debates.

The Tasmanian Parliament in 2023. Image / Pulse

The agreement requires JLN members to inform the government in ‘on-the-fly debate’, support adjournment for negotiations and back the government if an adjournment is not possible.

“The JLN MPs did not enter Parliament to engage in votes of no confidence, or other games by parties seeking to destabilise – in fact, we campaigned against this type of negative politics that do not serve the people,” they said.

“JLN MPs … will behave like adults and work in a collegiate manner with the Rockliff Government to the benefit of all Tasmanians.”


They suggested those who “do not share” their “people before politics” approach constructively express their views.

“The JLN looks forward to working with the Rockliff Government to serve the best interests of all Tasmanians,” they said.

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