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New world-class Raptor Refuge animal hospital to be built in Southern Tasmania

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The Tasmanian Masked Owl. Image / Stock

A new state-of-the-art facility will soon be built on the outskirts of Hobart to treat injured and sick raptors from across Tasmania.

The facility, to be located at Raptor Refuge in Kettering, will be the first of its kind in the state and will be equipped with everything needed to care for the island’s threatened raptor species.


“We can now start building the new Treatment Facility within weeks and start saving more lives of our eagles, owls, falcons and more,” Raptor Refuge founder Craig Webb said.

“It will include up to 12 treatment bays, life-saving veterinary equipment and for the first time an X-Ray machine right here on site.”

Volunteer Celia Watchorn with Ross Boobyer and Craig Webb. Image / Supplied

The facility will be funded through a new three-year partnership between Raptor Refuge and Saffire Freycinet.

“Helping Raptor Refuge on its mission to save Tasmanian raptors is an important opportunity to further support our surrounding wildlife,” Federal Group Tourism General Manager Ross Boobyer said.

Raptor Refuge. Image / Supplied

“We are so fortunate to be surrounded by unique wilderness and birds of prey that have lived for centuries along the east coast.”

According to Webb, the Refuge treated 81 raptors last year, with 95% of injuries caused by human interactions with power lines, cars, poison and traps.


“The life of every raptor is so important, with four of the 12 species threatened,” he said.

“This will save time, save the raptors travel-stress and save lives.”

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