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Retired Hydro Tasmania engineer creates detailed diorama of Waddamana Power Station

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
George Smith and Stan Mather

A former Hydro Tasmania engineer who spent 40 years creating and maintaining the state’s power infrastructure has created a diorama of his former workplace.

The miniature model of the Waddamana Power Station was created by Stan Mather and George Smith as part of the ‘Water to Wire Power Station’ experience, which will debut at Agfest in Carrick this week.


Mather, 92, began at what was then the Hydro-Electric Department in 1950, 34 years after Waddamana roared to life in 1916.

He used his extensive knowledge of Waddamana history to have Smith craft the display, which is viewed through portholes in the vintage control panels.

Inside the diorama of the Waddamana Power Station. Image / Hydro

“[We made it] because computer screens are so familiar to children these days,” Smith said.

“The diorama is an interesting point of difference for them. It’s more of a feeling of what was there.”

The Soda Projects team constructing the Water to Wire power station. Image / Hydro

“And kids love miniature things,” he added.

The ‘Water to Wire Power Station’ display includes the original control panels from the Lake Echo Power Station and will be on show for the duration of Agfest.


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