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Tasmanians urged to prepare as ‘more challenging’ bushfire season looms

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Firefighters respond to a bushfire on Tasmania's east coast. Image / Pulse

Tasmanians are being strongly urged to invest five minutes in preparing a bushfire plan, with authorities stressing that it could mean the difference between life and death.

The upcoming bushfire season is expected to be ‘more challenging’ than in previous years, with the Tasmanian Fire Service encouraging residents to get ready before it’s too late.


Emergency Minister Felix Ellis it “absolutely critical” for people, especially newcomers to Tasmania, to be well aware of the risks of bushfire.

“The next couple of months could potentially be more challenging than we’ve seen in previous bushfire seasons,” Ellis said.

Helicopters fight the recent Dolphin Sands bushfire. Image / Pulse

“You need to be prepared for what you and your family are going to do to protect the things that you value this bushfire season.”

“It’s absolutely vital as well that we do these preparations so that we can support and protect our first responders. If we’re not prepared, it means that they have to put themselves even more in harm’s way to try and protect people who didn’t do the necessary preparations.”

Firefighters work to extinguish the Dolphin Sands bushfire. Image / Luke Bowden

The plan should include considerations such as where to get information, what valuables to take, who to inform and where to go.

Two bushfires have already occurred on the East Coast in the last two months, destroying homes and forcing residents to seek shelter.


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