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TasNetworks blames rising costs for proposed 15% power bill price hike

Pulse Tasmania
Power has been knocked out across the nearby area. Image / Stock

Tasmanians are likely to face higher power bills from next month as the state’s electricity provider proposes a 15% price hike.

TasNetworks will increase pole and wire charges for residents and small businesses from June under the planned changes.


Chief executive Sean McGoldrick said their network charges are just one of six costs that make up a typical Tasmanian power bill, accounting for roughly one-third of the total cost.

“These are challenging economic times, but TasNetworks’ board and our people remain committed to protecting the wellbeing of Tasmanians,” he said.

TasNetworks Chief Executive Officer Sean McGoldrick. Image / Supplied

“We’ll be cutting our operating expenses by three percent next year, passing those benefits onto our customers.”

The state-owned company put the proposed price increases down to inflation and cost pressures stemming from rising insurance premiums and cybersecurity expenses.

The final decision now lies with the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator, which will confirm the final price for Tasmanian power for the next year in June.

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