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Who won? Final results of Tasmanian state election yet to be confirmed

Pulse Tasmania
The final results are yet to be confirmed, but Rockliff has already claimed election victory. Image / Pulse

Tasmanians will have to wait until Saturday to learn the final results of the state election, as the final counting process is anticipated to wrap up later this week.

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission will resume counting today, amalgamating votes and assigning preferences in a process that is expected to take up “a significant part of the day”.


Surplus votes from candidates elected on first preferences will be transferred to second-preference candidates using the Hare-Clark system.

Commissioner Andrew Hawkey said on Thursday that telephone voting and out-of-division ballots cast during pre-poll and on polling day had been fully tallied in Bass, Braddon, Clark and Franklin.

Image / TEC

“Lyons has, so far, completed telephone voting, but still has some way to go with the counting of a remarkable 9,000 out-of-division ballots cast during pre-poll and on polling day,” he said.

First rechecks were completed last week, with second rechecks continuing yesterday.

Postal votes are still being counted, with a deadline until next Tuesday as outlined in Tasmanian legislation.

Last figures show that the Liberal Party received a total of 128,231 votes and secured 13 seats, while Labor trailed behind with 101,426 votes and 10 seats.


The Greens have secured 4 statewide seats with 48,371 votes, while Independents and the Jacqui Lambie Network each secured two seats.

Other parties, including Shooters Fishers Farmers and the Animal Justice Party, collectively received just over 20,000 votes.

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