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34 dead whales stuck on east coast beach deemed ‘impossible’ to move

Pulse Tasmania
34 dead whales stuck on east coast beach deemed 'impossible' to move. Image / MCP

Three dozen whales found dead on Tasmania’s east coast will remain on the beach they washed up on to naturally decompose after the task of relocating them was deemed ‘impossible’.

The 34 pilot whales were found at Bryans Beach near the southern end of the remote Freycinet Peninsula on Wednesday morning.


Teams from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service and Marine Conservation Program headed to the beach shortly after the whales were reported and spent the day “collecting important samples and measurements” to better understand the “circumstances and makeup” of the pod.

“Following initial vet assessment of the pilot whales there were no significant findings or signs of injury,” the Marine Conservation Program said.

The whales were found on the east coast of Tasmania. Image / Chris Theobald

“We don’t know why the whales stranded and it is often not possible to determine. Pilot whale strandings are not uncommon in Tasmania.”

Because of the remote location, the team has decided that there is “no viable option” to remove the carcasses from the beach and instead asked people that may venture out to the area to keep their distance.

Bryans Beach from above

They warned that the carcasses ‘may attract sharks’ and advised swimmers and other water users to avoid the affected beach area.

Under the Whales Protection Act 1988 it is illegal to interfere with, take, or possess parts of a dead whale.


Sightings of free-swimming or stranded whales and dolphins in Tasmania should be reported to 0427 WHALES (0427 942 537).

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