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Blue Derby Wild fails to stop logging near mountain biking trails

Pulse Tasmania
Logging near Blue Derby. Image / Supplied

An environmental group has lost their appeal against logging regulator Forest Practices Authority to halt government logging near Derby mountain biking trails.

Blue Derby Wild were looking to stop the impending logging of two forest coupes, which have been the subject of a years-long battle, in the state’s north-east.


Following the dismissal of their appeal by Tasmania’s Supreme Court, the group intends to escalate the matter to the High Court, with proceedings adjourned until next week.

Blue Derby Wild have argued that the state-owned Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) acted illegally by employing forestry workers who also served as forest practices officers, potentially introducing bias.

Blue Derby Wild mountain biking park. Image / Supplied

Supreme Court Judges determined that the certification of logging plans by STT staff did not mandate the absence of apprehended bias, leading to the dismissal of the appeal.

Blue Derby Wild campaign manager Louise Morris said she was disappointed in the ruling but looks forward to taking the matter further.

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