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Hobart city councillor Louise Elliot to run as independent in state election

Pulse Tasmania
Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot. Image / Pulse

Hobart city councillor Louise Elliot has announced her candidacy as an independent in the upcoming election, just days after initially ruling herself out of the campaign.

Taking to social media on Wednesday morning, Elliot revealed her intention to run for Clark.


“So you know how people sometimes change their minds? Well I’m one of those people and I have changed my mind on something pretty big,” she said.

“The reason I’ve changed my mind is because I want to make sure that the values and perspective and priorities that I hold are represented on the ballot paper, because I know I’m not alone in being the only person that values things like fairness, freedom and opportunity.”

Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot during her council campaign. Image / Facebook

Previously tipped to run with the Liberals, Elliot last week admitted that her initial decision to stay out of the election was “one of the hardest” of her life.

However, she said her latest decision was influenced by the Liberal Party’s stance on allowing pets in rental properties and land tax reform.

Hobart city councillor Louise Elliot announced her intention to run as independent in the state election on Wednesday. Image / Facebook

“I want a Tasmania where everyone has the opportunity they need to succeed, which includes health and education systems to be proud of, and the ability to get around easily and affordably,” she said.

“I’m also keen to see councils refocused to their core business, required to meet high-performance standards and amalgamated where it makes sense. People work hard for the rates they pay, and they deserve value for money.”


Elliot said a vote for her represented a vote for a bright future, which includes advocating for a stadium and a cable car, retaining the UTAS Sandy Bay campus and saving the Glenorchy Pool.

“My perspective centres around fairness, freedom and opportunity. I’m in the centre of the political spectrum. I believe that effort equals reward, I value a strong safety net for those who need help, and don’t want to see our environment destroyed, which many people can relate to,” she said.

Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot. Image / Facebook

“People know that I’ll say what needs to be said and that I don’t give up. Tasmania has always been home and I couldn’t be any more determined to do my bit for the place I love.”

Hobart’s Deputy Lord Mayor Helen Burnet entered the election race for Tasmania’s Greens in the seat of Clark on Saturday, alongside current Glenorchy City Councillor and independent candidate Sue Hickey.

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