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Car crash hotspot: RACT data reveals Hobart is home to the most dangerous roads in Tasmania

Pulse Tasmania
A car bearing P-plates rolls on Sandy Bay Road in 2023. Image / Pulse

New data has revealed Hobart is a hotspot for car crashes, with seven of the top 10 most dangerous roads in Tasmania located in the city.

The list compiled by the RACT from five years of insurance claims data highlights both highways and suburban streets as high-risk areas.


Northern Tasmania isn’t immune to prangs and smashes, with three Launceston streets also featuring in the top 10.

Mel Percival from the RACT said making road data public can help to prevent future collisions that may result in death or serious injury.

Traffic on Argyle Street, Hobart. Image / Pulse

“Sharing and increasing our understanding of data will allow us to pinpoint road safety issues and their root causes, measure the impact of policy changes and replicate successful interventions,” she said.

“It will also guide prioritisation of infrastructure funding.”

The 10 riskiest roads in Tasmania

10. York Street, Launceston


9. Hobart Road, Kings Meadows

8. Murray Street, Hobart

7. Channel Highway, Kingston

6. Argyle Street, Hobart

5. Brooker Highway, Hobart

4. Davey Street, Hobart

3. Macquarie Street, Hobart

2. Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay

1. Wellington Street, Launceston

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