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Hobart Snapchat cocaine salesman Logan John Lovell sentenced

Pulse Tasmania
Hobart Snapchat cocaine salesman Logan John Lovell sentenced. Image / Stock

A Hobart drug dealer who sold cocaine through Snapchat has been handed 140 hours of community service.

Logan John Lovell, 29, had been using the app popular among young people to make money since 2021, typically selling a gram of cocaine for $350.


Lovell’s clandestine drug business was exposed after he was pulled over and searched by police officers while driving on Macquarie Street in Hobart on August 5, 2023.

The search uncovered six small snap-lock bags, each containing a gram of cocaine, while a subsequent search of his home unveiled 2.2 grams of cocaine, along with a set of scales and $5,750 in cash.

The Supreme Court of Tasmania. Image / Pulse

Supreme Court Acting Justice David Porter said Lovell operated within a small circle of two to six people and initially claimed to have started selling due to mental health issues.

“Despite the fact that small quantities and a small number of purchasers were involved, the conduct continued over a period of about 22 months,” Justice Porter said.

“The sum of $5,750 represents 16 grams of the drug at the price charged. I have no information as to whether the $5,750 is the total amount generated for the relevant period, although I would think it unlikely.”

Despite showing remorse, Lovell was sentenced to 140 hours of community service and an 18-month community corrections order.


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