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Hobart swelters through hottest night in over 100 years

Pulse Tasmania
Hobart from kunanyi/Mount Wellington at night. Image / Stock

Southern Tasmanians were left to swelter in their sleep last night as Hobart recorded its hottest night in over 100 years.

With the temperature not dropping below 24 degrees until after 7am on Sunday morning, the Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed it was a scorcher overnight.


The last record overnight low was 24.7 degrees in February 1912.

However, the weather bureau says the milestone won’t be ‘officially recorded’ as they only register temperatures up until 9am.

Nonetheless, a BOM spokesperson confirmed that when measuring between sunset and sunrise, the record was definitely set.

As many went to bed at 10pm, the temperature sat at 26.6 degrees, hovering there until around 2am before briefly climbing back up at 4:30am.

The sticky night was over by 8am as a weak cold front passed through, rapidly dropping the temperature to the high teens.

The warm weather came on a day of severe and even extreme heatwave conditions in some parts of the state, with many locations sitting above 30 degrees for much of Saturday.


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