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‘Prepare to leave’ bushfire warning as fire burns in Gordon

Pulse Tasmania
The blaze in Gordon on Sunday afternoon. Image / Supplied

A bushfire that ignited in Gordon in Tasmania’s south was caused by live power lines, the Tasmania Fire Service say.

A watch and act alert was issued for the area, advising residents to prepare to protect themselves and their homes, around 3:30pm on Sunday.


The threat level was later downgraded at 4:40pm, with residents and other motorists advised to avoid the area.

Multiple crews were deployed to tackle the half-hectare fire.

The blaze in Gordon on Sunday afternoon. Image / Supplied

According to TasNetworks, a power outage in the area is continuing to impact around 66 customers.

Earlier 3:40pm, Sunday February 11: People in the town of Gordon, south of Kettering, are being told to prepare to leave as a bushfire threatens the area.

The TFS say conditions will worsen, with the fire expected to impact Gordon by 4:20pm.

There is a nearby safer place at 1262 Nicholls Rivulet Road, the TFS say.


“Embers, smoke, and ash may fall on Gordon. Conditions are expected to worsen,” the TFS say.

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