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Launceston cat ‘Buddy’ turns 20, nears 100 in human years

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Buddy the cat at his 20th birthday. Image / Supplied

A Launceston cat is nearing his 100th birthday in human years, having just reached the ripe old age of 20.

Buddy celebrated his 20th birthday with family and friends last week, with his vet nurse owner saying making it to the very special milestone was an “amazing” achievement.


“We were together with the family one night and we were just discussing Buddy and him turning 20 and we all decided that what a great time to have another party, have another get together and celebrate him,” Lana Depuit told WIN.

She said she’s not exactly sure why Buddy has lived such a long life, but she has only seen a handful of others reach the milestone.

Buddy the cat at his 20th birthday. Image / Supplied

“He means the world … we can’t imagine not having him. He’s a big part [of our lives],” she said.

Now officially 96 in human years, Buddy will turn 100 next year.

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