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Tasmania’s ‘world-leading’ family violence monitoring program celebrates five years

Pulse Tasmania
An ankle-bracelet monitor. Image / Stock

Tasmania’s “nation-leading” family violence electronic monitoring system has reached its five-year anniversary.

Corrections Minister Ogilvie visited staff at the Monitoring and Compliance Unit in Hobart on Monday to mark the milestone.


“Our nation-leading electronic monitoring program not only monitors offenders, it provides victim-survivors with the option of a discreet monitoring device which enables the MCU to alert them when the family violence offender they’d been involved with is nearby,” Ogilvie said.

“This supports early identification of order breaches and rapid identification of high and emerging-risk situations.”

Inside Tasmania’s ankle-bracelet monitoring centre in Hobart. Image / Alex Jackson

Home detention orders, parole orders, high-risk offender orders and family violence orders can all include conditions that require electronic monitoring.

Ogilvie says the government will continue to use thee technology to provide offenders with the opportunity for rehabilitation in their community of origin in a manner that prioritises community safety.

Inside Tasmania’s ankle-bracelet monitoring centre in Hobart. Image / Alex Jackson

Electronic monitoring service and equipment provider Buddi Pty Ltd was recently awarded a new five-year contract to continue to deliver the program.

The Government say there are currently 38 family violence perpetrators and 53 victim-survivors monitored by the program in Tasmania.


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