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Wiseguise Pizza closes Devonport and Burnie stores due to ‘tough economic conditions’

Pulse Tasmania
Image / Wiseguise Pizza

A popular pizza chain in Tasmania’s north has been forced to close two of its stores due to “incredibly tough economic conditions”.

Wiseguise Pizza announced the immediate closure of its Devonport and Burnie stores on Monday afternoon.


They said attempts to keep the stores afloat were unsuccessful, with the rising costs of running a family business leading them to make the “difficult decision” to shut up shop.

“Despite all our efforts, recent times have shown a constant decline and while the three original stores continue to perform well, the stores on the coast struggle to remain viable,” a post on social media read.

Image / Wiseguise Pizza

“Naturally we are devastated by this outcome, especially for our amazing Wiseguise team on the coast and we want to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you to them.”

The three original Wiseguise stores in Launceston are set to remain open, with only north-west coast outlets impacted.

Image / Wiseguise Pizza

The company said it will take time to “regroup and plan for a brighter tomorrow” while focusing on serving the Tasmanian community.

“We hope you will continue to enjoy Wiseguise Pizza whenever you are near one of our Launceston stores.”


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