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Woman seen climbing over moving train in Burnie could have been killed, TasRail says

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The woman climbed over the moving train in Burnie. Image / Supplied

A woman who was filmed climbing over a moving train in Burnie could have been killed, TasRail says.

The recent incident unfolded at the Wilson Street level crossing, where the woman was first seen touching the slowly-moving train and screaming before walking away.


She then returned a short time later once the train had briefly stopped and, seemingly impatient, jumped onto an empty wagon.

Footage uploaded to social media shows the woman clambering over the empty container wagon as the train starts to move, before she jumps off, pulls the finger and walks away.

The incident could have resulted in a ‘catastrophic outcome’, TasRail said. Image / Supplied

A TasRail spokesperson said the incident could have ended in tragedy.

“TasRail was made aware of the incident and associated footage, on the day that the event occurred and immediately took the necessary measures to increase surveillance at that crossing on the day,” the spokesperson said.

The woman could be seen pulling the finger as she walked away. Image / Supplied

“Any interaction with moving trains/rollingstock can result in catastrophic outcomes, including death.”

They said that both motorists and pedestrians “must obey bells and lights” at all level crossings.


“[The rules are] no different to red lights at any road intersection,” the spokesperson said.

“In the absence of any lights and bells pedestrians should wait until they are certain that all rail movement has ceased.”

Burnie TasRail yard. Image / Rolling Stock News

In June 2023, a person was killed by a moving train in the nearby Burnie rail yard.

Police at the time said the 36-year-old man was trespassing in a restricted area.

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