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Young P-plater loses licence for speeding down Sheffield Road at 140km/h

Pulse Tasmania
Young P-plater loses licence for 140km/h drive. Police. Image / Pulse (File)

A young P-plater caught speeding at 140km/h a short distance from her home in Sheffield has been stripped of her licence and her vehicle.

The 18-year-old was stopped by police, who detected her racing down Sheffield Road at Lower Barrington well over the speed limit on Saturday morning.


Inspector Adam Spencer said the teenage driver was fined $1,121.25 on the spot, 6 demerit points and disqualified for 4 months.

He said a long weekend crash could have been a likely outcome, noting that it takes several seconds or about 160 metres on average to stop in dry conditions.

“You just don’t have that time especially when you are travelling at speed,” he said.

“The consequences in a crash are catastrophic.”

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