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SES are warning to prepare for potential power outages and damage to property
'Widespread rainfall totals of 20 to 50mm are forecast from late Sunday into Monday'
Snow showers on kunanyi/Mt Wellington are predicted for Sunday
The St Pauls River at Lewis Hill is currently rising slowly, the BOM say
"Enough is enough, just stop with the minus 13s. We get the point, you win"
'It was completely frozen solid with icicles dangling from its edges'
'We are stuck without water and will be unable to open until the pipes thaw out'
The temp is just 0.7°C from the state record and comes after recent -12.9°C and -10.8°C days
The state government believes a cable car is a possible 'sustainable transport solution'
The house contained asbestos, rendering the family's belongings unusable