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Local Council

Caltex is set to make a comeback, a decade after the demolition of a former servo
22 units for Centacare Evolve clients remain in limbo a year after being first approved
Two months have passed since Crowther was 'cut off at the ankles'
'We expect the network to act as a deterrent for criminal activity and anti-social behaviour'
Hundreds of orphaned children were buried at the New Town location in the 1800s 
Bike lanes are loved by cyclists, but their impacts are being felt by emergency services and bus drivers
'We want to understand and better meet community expectations around cats'
One proposed site has been flagged as a "serious safety risk" for other water users
Parking spots moved for the cycle lane will be removed and marked as a 'no stopping' zone
Plans for the Glenorchy pool include new heating, filtration and amenities upgrades