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Snug School to get safety boost with new shared pathway: 40 road safety projects to benefit from $4.7 million funding

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Snug School to get safety boost with new shared pathway. Image / Kingborough Council

$4.7 million will be invested into nearly 40 road safety projects across the state as part of the Tasmanian Government’s ‘Towards Zero Action Plan’.

The funding, from the latest rounds of the Vulnerable Road User Program (VRUP) and the Safer Rural Roads Program (SRRP), will go towards improving safety on local and rural roads, including a shared pathway project in Snug that will receive $275,000.


Kingborough Council will contribute the remaining $150,000 to the project.

The 350-metre pathway will run from a new subdivision to the local school, providing a safer option for children and pedestrians.

“Road safety is an important issue for all Tasmanians and it’s good to see local governments putting in applications to the state government for funding where they see a local need to enhance road safety,” Minister for Transport Eric Abetz said.

The 350-metre pathway will run from a new subdivision to the local school

“We’d like to be able to partner with local councils… to deliver a genuine road safety need for a local school, going past a hotel and into a new subdivision.”

Road Safety Advisory Council chair Scott Tilyard said around 35 people are killed on Tasmanian roads each year, with most being locals.

A further 280 people are seriously injured annually and require hospitalisation.


“It’s very important that we do more in the state to reduce road trauma,” Tilyard said.

“Vulnerable road users make up one in four people who are killed or seriously injured in our urban areas, our cities and towns.”

Scott Tilyard, Chair of the Road Safety Advisory Council, with Tasmanian mobile speed cameras. Image / Pulse

Kingborough Council CEO Dave Stewart said the Snug project has been a priority for locals, particularly for children who have to cross the main road twice to get to school.

“There’s been children coming from Lower Snug and the local subdivision, they’ve had to cross the main road twice to come through to school,” Stewart said.

“So it’s really important that we’re providing this opportunity in partnership with the state government.”

Local Government Area Location Primary Treatment Tasmanian Government funding awarded
Break O’Day Council Mathinna Plains Road, Mathinna Guardrails $40,000
Break O’Day Council Mathinna Road, Mathinna Guardrails $16,000
City of Hobart Battery Square, Battery Point Pedestrian Refuges $115,478
City of Hobart Huon Road, South Hobart Shoulder Sealing $130,000
City of Hobart Liverpool Crescent and Frederick Street, West Hobart Pedestrian Refuges $140,188
City of Launceston Basin Road, West Launceston Traffic Calming (Speed Reducing) $50,000
City of Launceston Lilydale Road, Lilydale Line Marking $200,000
City of Launceston Prossers Forest Road, Ravenswood Pedestrian Crossing (Unsignalled) $30,000
Clarence City Council Dorans Road, Sandford Pavement Widening $40,000
Derwent Valley Council Montagu Street, New Norfolk Pedestrian Refuges $15,540
Devonport City Council Melrose Road, Melrose Signage $39,000
Devonport City Council Forthside Road, Forthside Signage $45,000
Devonport City Council Middle Road, Miandetta Pedestrian Refuges $195,000
Devonport City Council River Rd, Ambleside Shared Paths $500,000
Dorset Council King Street and George Street, Scottsdale. Main Street, Bridport Pedestrian Crossing (Unsignalled) $70,500
George Town Council Old Aerodrome Road, Low Head Pavement Widening $600,000
Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Swanwick Road, Coles Bay Footpath (Sealed) $40,000
Glenorchy City Council Abbotsfield Road, Claremont Pedestrian Refuges $70,000
Glenorchy City Council Bayswater Road, Moonah Bicycle Facilities $30,000
Glenorchy City Council Bowden Street, Glenorchy Bicycle Facilities $30,000
Glenorchy City Council King George V Avenue, Glenorchy Pedestrian Refuges $25,000
Huon Valley Council Huon Highway, Huonville Pedestrian Ramps $17,625
Huon Valley Council Mary Street, Cygnet Pedestrian Crossing (Unsignalled) $44,629
Huon Valley Council Main Street, Huonville Other: street light $29,366
Kingborough Council Channel Highway, Snug Shared paths $275,000
Kingborough Council Sandfly Road, Sandfly Bicycle facilities (sealed shoulders) $400,000
Latrobe Council Hawley Esplanade, Hawley Beach Shared Paths $500,000
Northern Midlands Council Bridge Street, Campbell Town Pedestrian Crossing (Unsignalled) $112,100
Northern Midlands Council Liffey Road, Liffey Guideposts $33,650
Northern Midlands Council Woolmers Lane, Longford Guideposts $10,000
Sorell Council Kellevie Road, Nugent Pavement Widening $235,832
Sorell Council Penna Road, Midway Point Pedestrian Refuges $148,500
Southern Midlands Council Climie Street, Campania Other: Pedestrian Rail Crossing $35,250
Southern Midlands Council Reeve Street (western side), Campania Footpath (Sealed) $58,616
Southern Midlands Council Reeve Street, (eastern side), Campania Footpath (Sealed) $36,258
Waratah-Wynyard Council Multiple roads, Wynyard and surrounding suburbs Signage $22,200
West Coast Council Murchison Highway, Roseberry Pedestrian Refuges $53,610
West Tamar Council Greens Beach Road, Green Beach Guideposts $250,000

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