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“Best shape of my life!”: Former premier Peter Gutwein unveils ripped physique

Pulse Tasmania
Former Premier Peter Gutwein says he is now in the "best shape" of his life. Image / Instagram

Former Premier Peter Gutwein is now in the “best shape” of his life, flaunting his ripped physique in an Instagram post.

Gutwein, 59, teamed up with Tom Cleary, a Launceston-based transformation “Men’s Transformation Specialist”, for 12 weeks to achieve his fitness goals.


“My resting heart rate is down, blood pressure is fantastic and my GP tells me that my blood work is on a par with a fit 25 to 30-year-old,” Gutwein said.

“Strength is up 15%, body weight is down 10%, I’m stronger and lighter, more active and any everyday task is a breeze.”

Gutwein enlisted the help on Tom Cleary, a Launceston-based transformation “Men’s Transformation Specialist”. Image / Instagram

The former premier now incorporates an hour of exercise into his daily routine, something he says helps his overall wellbeing “enormously”.

“When I set a goal to be healthier and fitter and one of the fittest 59 year olds in the country, I never expected to begin the year I turned 60 in better shape than when I was 30.”

Peter Gutwein speaks in Hobart in 2021. Image / Pulse

But Gutwein said there was a downside to his transformation.

“I now have an entire wardrobe of clothes that just don’t fit anymore,” he said.


“I’m absolutely confident that I’ve built a foundation that will see the rest of my life be the best of my life.”

In 2021, after joining TikTok, Gutwein revealed a previously unseen Panther tattoo on his arm, symbolizing his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


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