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'It will be going ahead': Dark Mofo to return in 2025 despite cancellation rumours

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
Dark Mofo 2022. Image / Jarrad Seng

Organisers of Dark Mofo have confirmed the popular Tasmanian event will be returning in 2025, despite recent reports from a Tasmanian newspaper suggesting otherwise.

The article printed in The Examiner Newspaper said next year’s Dark Mofo event “won’t happen at all”.


“[Organisers] claimed that the iconic winter festival has been loss-making for the past nine years, prompting concern that it won’t make a return after the cut-down event this June,” the article read.

A spokesperson for DarkLab, the organisers behind Dark Mofo, confirmed the festival will return in full force next year.

Dark Mofo

“Dark Mofo 2025 is not cancelled. It will be going ahead,” they said.

“We think there may be some confusion relating to the recent cancellation of Mona Foma.”

Dark Mofo Artistic Director Chris Twite. Image / Pulse

The festival will be operating in a smaller capacity this year after DarkLab announced they’d be putting the full event on pause for 2024.

Organisers hope a ‘stripped-down’ version of the event featuring the traditional Winter Feast, Nude Solstice Swim and a range of music performances will draw thousands to the city this June.


“I know we said Dark Mofo would stay quiet, but Winter wouldn’t feel the same without the chance to feast and frolic during the long Tasmanian nights,” Dark Mofo Artistic Director Chris Twite said earlier this month.

In early April, DarkLab’s parent company MONA separately announced their summertime ‘MONA Foma’ festival would not be returning.

MONA FOMA at The Gorge in Launceston. Image / MONA

MONA owner and founder David Walsh said the decision to close the festival for the final time was made because the “spell has worn off”.

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