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Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio trying to revive extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Pulse Tasmania
Leonardo DiCaprio and the Tasmanian Tiger

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has jumped behind efforts to resurrect the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

DiCaprio’s organisation Re:Wild has partnered with Dallas-based Colossal Biosciences in developing de-extinction technology to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger, along with the Dodo and Woolly Mammoth.


The partnership aims to “accelerate efforts” to save animals on the brink of extinction, search for lost species, and restore key habitats for species recovery and re-wilding.

Colossal Biosciences plan to de-extinct the thylacine using gene-editing technology to reverse environmental impacts caused by its extinction.

The Tasmanian Tiger is believed to have gone extinct in the 1930’s. Image / Supplied

They say the endangered Tasmanian devil will also will benefit from the de-extinction technology being developed for the thylacine.

The American based organisation is financially backed by the likes of actors Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Tony Robbins and the CIA.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Image / Supplied

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the spotlight recently for his support of Tasmania’s Swift Parrots and Native Forests.

Bob Brown from the Bob Brown Foundation has since invited DiCaprio to Tasmania to “see this beautiful island, its forests and wildlife for himself”.


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