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Hundreds of Tasmanians turn out to Sleep Rough on Hobart Waterfront

Pulse Tasmania
Hundreds of Tasmanians turn out to Sleep Rough. Image / File

Over 300 Tasmanians have braved a chilly night by sleeping rough on the Hobart waterfront to raise funds and awareness for the island’s growing homelessness crisis.

320 people spent the night at Princess Wharf, 100 more than last year’s November event, leaving organisers delighted.


“This is a positive, family-friendly event where people come together to help out those most vulnerable in our community,” Hobart City Mission’s Em Marriott said.

“There’s a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone mindful of why we’re here … we’re hopeful that we’ll reach the $300,000 target.”

Hundreds of Tasmanians turn out to Sleep Rough. Image / File

The event comes as federal and state governments continue to implement measures to combat the surging cost of living and skyrocketing housing costs.

Hobart City Mission CEO Harvey Lennon said the current level of demand for basic services shows the extent of the issue.

Hobart City Mission CEO Harvey Lennon

“The need is greater than ever,” he said. “The cost of the most basic necessities is increasingly out of reach. Every time you go into a shop it feels like you’ve got less in your basket for what you’ve got to spend.”

“Demand for our emergency relief and food packs jumped 40% last July and hasn’t come down since.”


“The social housing waitlist is at an all-time high, and the average wait time for priority housing applicants is almost 95 weeks.”

In 2023, Sleep Rough raised $220,000 from more than 400 registrants.

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