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Iconic Penguin bins to remain in Tasmanian town

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
The iconic Penguin bins. Image / Stock

The Central Coast Council has reversed its decision to replace the iconic penguin-shaped rubbish bins in the north-west town of Penguin.

Main Road bins were destined to be swapped out with standardised ones after a review in 2023 recommended having consistent bins across the municipality for easier emptying and repairs.


However, this proposal met with significant community opposition.

In response to public feedback, the council has confirmed that the beloved penguin bins will remain.

New, larger bins featuring the original penguin design are currently being manufactured and will be installed by June.

The Penguin-shaped rubbish bins. Image / Stock

Central Coast Mayor Cheryl Fuller acknowledged the importance of considering community wishes alongside practicalities.

While the review aimed to improve waste management, she said the council recognises the unique character of Penguin and its famous penguin-themed foreshore.

The new bins will be an upgrade in both size and placement.


Six each of 240-litre general waste and recycling bins will be installed along the beach side of Main Road.

Existing smaller bins will be relocated to the opposite side.

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