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Interior of Hobart’s ‘Mac Point 2.0’ stadium revealed in new designs

Picture of Pulse Tasmania
This is what the proposed 'Mac Point 2.0' stadium would like like from the inside, according to new designed released by those behind the idea. Image / SolutionsWon

FIRST ON PULSE The first images showing the potential interior of the proposed $750 million ‘Mac Point 2.0’ stadium – complete with a retractable roof – have been released.

The Stadia Precinct Consortia, responsible for the alternative Hobart stadium vision, say the designs ‘put into pictures’ how the elevations, levels of tiered seating and other sections of the stadium will fit together.


“Community consultation and transparency are at the heart of this project. We want Tasmanians to have ownership of the stadium from day one,” Stadia Precinct Consortia Managing Director Dean Coleman said.

“[The community] will walk into that first AFL game at Mac 2.0 knowing they have been part of its development from the beginning.”

This is what the proposed ‘Mac Point 2.0’ stadium would like like from the inside, according to new designed released by those behind the idea. Image / SolutionsWon

Tier One investment groups will review the designs in Sydney “early next week”, with a meeting with the AFL also scheduled to confirm that the Mac Point 2.0 proposal meets the required criteria to proceed.

“As per the AFL’s agreement with the Tasmanian Government, Mac Point 2.0 is officially sited at Macquarie Point and this has been ratified by the Hobart City Council. It has a retractable polymer roof and can seat up to 27,000 spectators,” Coleman said.

The exterior of the ‘Mac Point 2.0’ Hobart stadium. Image / SolutionsWon

“The stadium does not need to seat any more than that, based on the ratio of seats versus population at the MCG. What we are saying is, if you want to seat a crowd of 40,000, you need a minimum of around 10% of the Tasmanian population to fill the stadium.”

“Although 23,000 seats are the sweet spot, there is room for up to 4000 more seats without structural change to the stadium. We want to see a full stadium of support at every AFL and AFLW game.”


Coleman said the Mac Point 2.0 oval would be slightly larger than the Melbourne Cricket Ground (171 x 146m from fence to fence) and would feature a flat surface constructed on rock, rather than concrete.

At its lowest point, the Mac Point 2.0 roof will match the height of Marvel Stadium (38m above the playing surface), making it suitable for cricket events as well.

This is what the proposed ‘Mac Point 2.0’ stadium would like like from the inside, according to new designed released by those behind the idea. Image / SolutionsWon

“The hard roof above the apartments will be made of steel with solar and light well panels. The polymer roof will retract like a (motorised) swimming pool cover to the river end,” Coleman said.

“Dual purpose” corporate boxes will linked to the hotel support structure of the stadium and will be setup as corporate hospitality rooms on event days and accommodation rooms at other times.

‘Dual purpose’ corporate boxes / hotel rooms feature in the 2.0 design. Image / Supplied

Coleman is hopeful that, given the extensive car park design, comprehensive site surveys, soil testing, environmental verification and foreshore/offshore drilling that have all been completed, the project will gain the support of the government.

He said consultation with the Hobart City Council, RSL Tasmania, the Royal Hobart Regatta Association, the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tasmanian Hospitality Association and residential development partners has been ‘positive’.

‘Mac Point 2.0’ Hobart stadium. Image / SolutionsWon

“We have been asked to provide further financial information in relation to investment, ownership and operation of the stadium and environmental and cultural aspects, by February 5, 2024,” Coleman said.

“The Tasmanian Government has agreed to defer consideration of any other approaches around an alternative stadium until it has received our response.”

“We understand, that as with any substantial commercial development, the Tasmanian Government has concerns it could be exposed to financial risk and the Stadia Precinct Consortia is prepared to work closely with all stakeholders to allay those concerns.”

“At this stage, we feel we have sufficiently addressed government concerns on a range of issues, including the impact of stadium height on Hunter Street, the TSO and the Cenotaph and the operational financials and we await the government’s public release of their responses to stakeholders on these same issues.”

“Importantly, we all agree that the priority and focus remain on developing a multi-purpose stadium at Macquarie Point as a condition of the establishment of Tasmanian AFL and AFLW teams.”


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