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Mayor defends Bridgewater community after ‘actions of a few’ spark chaos

Pulse Tasmania
A significantly damaged Tasmania Police car after the incident in Bridgewater. Image / Pulse

In the wake of a violent incident in Bridgewater on Saturday that saw hundreds gather in the streets, the local mayor says everybody in the area shouldn’t be tarnished by the “actions of a small few”.

Multiple police vehicles were damaged, officers reportedly assaulted and hoons filmed driving recklessly, tearing up the streets with burnouts and doing wheelies on trail bikes.


A man from New South Wales, understood to be YouTuber ‘Spanian’, was arrested and charged with instigating the commission of a simple offence following the incident.

Police allege his actions led to the hooning and anti-social behaviours.

Spanian with teenagers in Hobart over the weekend. Image / Supplied

“I think it’s really important to point out that we have over 20,000 people living in our area and the majority of those are good, law abiding citizens,” Brighton Mayor Leigh Gray said.

“If you look on Facebook and other social media, [people are] very disappointed about the actions of a small few.”

Image / Pulse

“No damage was caused to any [of council’s] public infrastructure.”

Gray thanked police for their work in ‘minimising damage and harm’ under the difficult circumstances.


Tasmania Police are continuing to investigate the gathering and have urged anyone with information or video footage to contact them or CrimeStoppers.

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