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Tasmanian Parliament elects Michelle O’Byrne as new speaker in uncontested vote

Pulse Tasmania
David O'Byrne said he "could not be more proud" of his sister, Michelle, following her appointment. Image / Supplied

Labor’s Michelle O’Byrne has become the new Speaker of the Tasmanian State Parliament after the Liberals confirmed that former Speaker Mark Shelton would not contest the position.

“It is the Tasmanian Government’s intention for this Parliament to be as collaborative and constructive as possible, avoiding unnecessary division and dissent,” Premier Jeremy Rockliff said.


“We need to be firmly focused on working together to achieve outcomes on the issues that matter for Tasmanians while delivering certainty and stability.”

Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) MPs Miriam Beswick, Andrew Jenner and Rebekah Pentland announced their support for O’Byrne on Tuesday.

Mark Shelton. Image / Pulse

“Michelle O’Byrne is highly qualified for this role and the JLN Members believe that she will deliver rigour and discipline to the proceedings of the House,” the JLN said.

“[This] is especially important with the increased numbers of MPs in our Parliament.”

Parliament House, Hobart. Image / Pulse

“The JLN Members have informed the Rockliff Government of their intentions … and look forward to a new era of transparency and integrity in the Tasmanian Parliament.”

The Greens have also previously expressed their support for Labor’s nomination.


Michelle O’Byrne was awarded the speakership, uncontested, at 11:30am on Tuesday.

“I humbly acknowledge the great honour the house has been pleased to confer upon me by choosing to be its Speaker,” O’Byrne said.

“An office which I will endeavour, at all times, to fill with dignity and impartiality.”

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