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Premier Jeremy Rockliff confirms Tasmania will have an early election

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Premier Jeremy Rockliff has confirmed Tasmania is off to an early election.

He said it was “unanimously agreed” that it was appropriate for him to request the Governor to call a general election.


“The Parliamentary Liberal Party this afternoon met to discuss the failure of former Liberal MPs John Tucker and Lara Alexander to commit to a new, enduring confidence and supply agreement,” Rockliff said in a statement.

Pulse understands the election will be held as early as March 23, more than a year before next scheduled in May 2025.

The Tasmanian Parliament in 2023. Image / Pulse

Rockliff believes the independents Tucker and Alexander made the parliament unworkable and accused them of holding the state government “to ransom”.

On Tuesday morning, just hours before Rockliff made his decision public, Alexander accused the Liberal party of being like an “abusive partner” in a fiery statement.

Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockliff with his plans for Macquarie Point. Image / Pulse

Taking to supporters of the ‘Yes AFL Team, Yes Stadium’ Facebook group shortly after 7pm on Tuesday, Rockliff said he wants to deliver certainty and stability.

“Tomorrow, I will make the trip to Government House to request that the Governor call a general election,” he said.


“We have too much to do, and I won’t allow our great State to be held to ransom for any longer.”

“Better hospitals, action on cost of living pressures and once in a generation infrastructure projects. And the AFL team that we have all fought so hard for.”

“A team that’s at risk if we allow Labor and the Greens to take Tasmania to the dark days of a decade ago.  We can’t give them that chance.”

Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White. Image / Pulse

“Over the days to come, I’ll provide some more information for anyone who wishes to lend a hand in securing our dream once and for all.”

Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White said it was “time for a better future” after 10 years of Liberals.

“Following seven months of telling Tasmanians there would be no early election, Jeremy Rockliff has finally come clean about his true intentions,” she said.

“After two weeks of dithering since trying to be the tough guy to John Tucker and Lara Alexander, the Premier has never looked weaker.”

“Tasmanians want a health system which meets their needs, they want better access to housing and they want their children to get a good education.”

Rockliff was elected Leader of the Tasmanian Liberal Party and sworn in as the 47th Premier of Tasmania in April 2022.

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