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Resources Minister assures support for over 200 workers after Avebury Nickel Mine closure

Pulse Tasmania
The Avebury Nickel Mine in Zeehan. Image / Supplied

More than 200 workers who will lose their jobs when the Avebury Nickel Mine on the west coast closes down will receive support, the Resources Minister has confirmed.

The Zeehan mine will transition into care and maintenance mode in the coming weeks.


Minster Felix Ellis says impacted workers and their families will be provided funding to ensure new jobs can be found and re-training options can be immediately taken advantage of.

“We are ready with a range of assistance available to connect workers to new job opportunities including through the Regional Jobs Hub Network and the Career Connector service or to get into suitable training,” he said.

The Avebury Nickel Mine in Zeehan. Image / Supplied

“Whether it is finding a job in the same field or retraining for another trade, we can connect these workers with the people that can help and also assisting with training and licensing costs up to $3000 through our Rapid Response Skills Initiative.”

Ellis said the workers from Avebury were skilled and capable with a wide range of transferable skills that could be readily deployed to other local businesses.

Minister Felix Ellis. Image / Pulse

“We’ve got strong demand for skilled workers including in advanced manufacturing and civil construction and we can help connect these workers with those jobs,” he said.

“We’ll initially be holding information sessions on the west coast for workers as well as providing support for the drive-in drive-out workforce across the state.”


Shadow Resources Minister Shane Broad said the closure will have a significant impact on the local community and urged the government to provide a support package for the coast.

“The closure of the Avebury Mine is devastating for the West Coast region and the 200 workers who will go from secure, well-paid jobs to potentially only a week’s pay,” he said.

Labor MP Shane Broad. Image / Pulse

“There is no doubt the situation at Avebury is complicated by the fact that it is in receivership, but Resource Minister Felix Ellis’s response today is effectively pointing workers to”

“Minister Ellis and the Liberals should provide a support package for the West Coast and the workers, as the economic impact will hurt the region and the workers’ entitlements are likely to be caught up in a long and complicated legal process.”

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