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Rules still apply to scallops washing up along east coast, Fisheries Tasmania says

Pulse Tasmania
'Free' scallops washed up on beach come with a catch. Image / Barnes Fishing

People collecting ‘free’ scallops that have washed up on shore are being told they are not exempt from the rules.

Fisheries Tasmania say there have been reports of scallops washing up along the East Coast from storm surges in the last week.


“If you’re out enjoying the easy fishing, remember that the same rules apply when collecting scallops from the beach as when diving for them,” a spokesperson said.

“You must have a scallop licence, you must abide by the minimum size limit [and] the daily bag limit is 50.”

Scallops can only be caught during the scallop season from March 23 to July 31.


While you are allowed to take washed up scallops under fisheries rules, authorities say you should consider the “health risks associated with eating washed up scallops or fish”.

The reminder has prompted some fishers to take to social media to complain about the regulations.

“If they are washed up [you] shouldn’t need a licence, [they’re] only going to die, why not let a person get a feed out of it,” one wrote.


Others defended the rules, saying relaxing them could lead to poaching.

“To everyone complaining … stop whinging and go and bag your 50 off the beach then. They will soon be cleaned up,” one person said.

“If fisheries just open season imagine how many poachers will bag 500+ scallops of all sizes claiming they were “washed up on beaches”.”

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