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Spectacular southern lights seen across Tasmania after ‘extreme’ solar storm

Pulse Tasmania
The sky over Hobart, as taken by Huon in Bellerive on Saturday night

An Aurora australis has lit up skies (and social media feeds) across Tasmania following an ‘extreme’ geomagnetic solar storm.

It would have been hard to miss the thousands of images showing the brightly coloured phenomenon shared online from all corners of the state, including as far away as Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand.


According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the optimal time to see the aurora was between 10pm on Saturday and 2am on Sunday from a dark location with unobstructed views south.

Classified as a severe event by the BOM, the solar storm caused vivid auroras to be visible at unusually low latitudes.

The aurora captured by Katerina Lawrence in Middleton

“The last time a G5 geomagnetic storm was observed was in 2003,” the BOM said.

“The warning issued for this event informs government and critical infrastructure operators so they can take action to mitigate potential impacts on infrastructure and essential services.”

Marsha Hruska took this photo of the Aurora between clouds in Deloraine

The aurora was last visible across Tasmania on Saturday morning, along with other parts of the southern hemisphere.

The natural light show usually sits several hundred kilometres south of Tasmania, but last night it made its way over the island and was visible directly overhead.


Thousands of Tasmanians went aurora-hunting to make the most of phenomenon, with intense traffic at popular viewing spots.

Dozens of Aurora spectators at Goats Bluff near South Arm. Image / Pulse
The Aurora Australis in Southern Tasmania. Image / Matthew Bissett
Ryan Kincade saw the Aurora from the Hobart Waterfront, with the natural phenomenon beating intense city lights
Ellie Mak took this photo from the lake on her property in Lower Longley, south of Hobart
Jorja Cooper snapped this photo at Spring Beach in Orford, looking toward Maria Island
The Aurora over Hobart, as seen by Ben Hansen
Kai Heron got some of the aurora and Starlink on the right
The Aurora over Hobart from Old Beach, as seen by Adam Harrison
Oscar Kelly saw the aurora at Vinces Saddle in the Huon Valley

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