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Community concerns lead to speed limit reductions on Channel Highway through Snug

Pulse Tasmania
Channel Highway through Snug. Image / Elders

The Commissioner for Transport has approved a lower speed limit on the Channel Highway through Snug and Lower Snug following community feedback and safety concerns.

Starting next week, the current 60km/h zone through the Snug township will be reduced to 50km/h.


The 80km/h section extending through Lower Snug will also be lowered to 70km/h.

“It is expected the 50km/h limit through Snug will improve safety during times of higher activity outside of the existing 40km/h school times,” the Commissioner for Transport says.

“The 70km/h limit through Lower Snug will improve safety for pedestrians and school children who need to cross the highway near Old Station Road to catch northbound buses or walk to Snug along the western side of the highway, which is safer for pedestrians.”

“Research shows even small reductions in speeds can result in considerable safety benefits.”

The new speed limits will take effect once the updated speed limit signage has been installed.

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